Why Us?

Our amazing staff has experience in almost every industry you can think of – healthcare, beauty, real estate, retail, fast food, entertainment, construction, e-commerce, and much more. We partner with you to learn everything about your business and create social media marketing campaigns that is guaranteed to increase Facebook likes, generate leads and sales for your business.

Our staff consists of advanced social media marketing specialists with backgrounds in digital media, copywriting, and design. We also have a talented web designer and award-winning video producer on our team as well. We have developed a streamlined process to offer small to mid-sized businesses social media services at prices more affordable than hiring someone in-house.

Before starting any social media campaign, we want to know your brand. Our social media strategist will work one on one with you to get to know you as well as your business. We will want to know your business goals as well as your goals for the social media campaign. We will also want to discuss your ideal client, target locations and other business objectives. On top of speaking with you we will also study your webpage. We want to replicate your voice and passion for your business or service.

  • Save Time – Most business owners and/or managers do not have the time to create the amount of quality content needed to grow on social media.
  • Analytics – We study your analytics, and your competition, to see what works best for your audience.
  • Save Money -Partnering with a firm can be much less expensive than hiring a full time employee to run your social media. Our firm has staff with different specialties to offer more than what one employee could offer. We are passionate about seeing your business grow.