Twitter Marketing Resources

Tweetdeck is excellent for helping you stay up-to-date with your followers and the topics that matter to you. Instead of spending a long time looking around Twitter or relying on the main feed, you can use Tweetdeck to see tweets from specific users, with specific hashtags and more at a glance.

Social Rank
Not all Twitter followers are made equal. With Social Rank you can see which of your followers is most ‘valuable’ in terms of their engagement with your posts and in terms of the number of followers that they have.

SocialBro is a ‘Twitter management tool’ giving you access to tons of analytics and information about individual posts and followers.

Twitter Blog
Twitter also has its own official blog if you want to get the most accurate information ahead of the pack.

Followerwonk gives you tons of useful information regarding your followers which includes such things as the time of day that they’re most active.